our story 

redefining flapjacks,

one flavour at a time.

we are two sisters who want to redefine how you think about flapjacks. We want you to love them as much as we do.

we realised that there wasn’t much available in terms of a good quality flapjack and we thought that the traditional flapjack was boring, outdated and in need of a bit of umph.

over a few catch ups in the pub and after a cheeky glass of wine or 5…  LAYER’D was born.

the finest


we have created the best buttery flapjack base which is the foundation that brings our LAYER’D bakes together.

we have combined them with our favourite cakes and toppings which results in a harmonious burst of flavour that is irresistibly moreish.

a cake on top of a flapjack? What’s not to love!

we love baking and we love seeing the smile

it puts on people’s faces. We believe that quality ingredients make quality food and ultimately

an amazing flavour. 

Nothing beats coffee and cake... A lovel

give us a try... you won't regret it